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The Robots Volume One
Robots of Death – The classic 4th Doctor story, has echoed personally with me for years. Volume One is launched and owes it’s props to this [...]
Adam Adamant Lives! Volume 01: A Vintage Year for Scoundrels
Ok so Big Finish, picked up the licence to re do the Cult TV series from the 60’s of BBC, Adam Adamant. Essentially a time travelling, Edwardian, [...]
Torchwood: The Sins of Captain John
1. The Restored So we have Captain John on the hunt for some gloves, that in the wrong hands, can cause all sorts of hell. Well in fact they already are, [...]
35. Torchwood: Fortitude
High Seas, Queen Victoria and Indian Maharaja, then there is the Colonel. Crackenthorpe, the keeper of secrets and all things odd. All the ingredients, for [...]
9B. Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 09 Volume 2
9.3 The Planet of Witches by Alan Barnes The first story, off the second outing of the 4th Doctor stories, with a stellar retro cast, of originals. This [...]
Diary of River Song Volume 7
7.1 Colony of Strangers by James Goss Well, well, Doctor Who or more over the Who Universe, meets the equivalent of a Scandi Noir, albeit, the characters [...]
9A. Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 09 Volume 1
9.1 Purgatory 12 by Marc Platt Our first story is with the Dr, Romana and Adric. As so eloquently put by the cast interviews in the extras of this release. [...]
War Master Anti-Genesis
Possibly the conclusion to the War Master. So sit back and listen and appreciate why Jacobi is just so good.
Doctor Who: Blood on Santa’s Claw and Other Stories
Christmas comes but once a year, and with it we get a festive release, to give us some Christmas cheer Doctor Number 6 is our host. Colin and Nicola, take [...]
The Prisoner Volume 3
Nicholas Briggs, pet project, and with the release of Volume 3 it cements itself into the Big Finish catalogue as a reference release for them. Alongside [...]