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When I was younger, much younger, I remember each Saturday teatime, waiting all day, to watch a certain t.v. program, that was broadcast on the BBC. It for around 30 minutes each week, for around 12 weeks of the year it would transport me. I would be removed from my humble little place of being, into not just another world, but many other worlds, and, also into other times, from the past or sometimes even the future…..

I was roughly 7 or 8, and as people who are fans of Dr. John Smith will tell you, they have their own Doctor. Mine was just shy of John Pertwee, so mine was Tom Baker. The man of mystery, legend and greatness. A actor of formidable command and control, whom, even in his 80’s still packs a massive punch, and thanks to Big Finish who co-hersed him, is still the Doctor, and what is more, he is still my Doctor.

So take a sip of that tea, and settle back, for this site, is dedicated to all things Big Finish, mainly Doctor Who as that still makes up for the lion’s share of their output, but they also put out other classic audio drama, and, I for one, over the last couple of years have listened to literally hundreds of hours of their output and I cannot say how much I enjoy it, so, if you are just curious what the fuss is about, you want reference, then take a look in these pages.

I am not a professional writer, I have mistakes on here, please don’t ¬†point them out, but what I aim to do, is show my enthusiasm for the output and hopefully give an honest and factual insight into the drama, stories that Big Finish put out. What I hope is my reviews, thoughts and writing get better, the more input I put down the more I can hone my skills. Some of these reviews now are being sent in, mainly from non English speaking individuals, so translation is the key thing here. I hope I do the original author justice.

All my reviews where possible are posted on the wonderful web site as well. I am not affiliated to Big Finish or any of their associates in any shape way or form. I am in the parlance of the modern day a fanboy.

you can email me directly leave comments, you can tweet me @kfb2009. You can even drop comments on here at my site.

So take another sip, and click on the link to read my reviews of this wondrous, entertainment, I will end this with one comment. Big Finish produce the best classic Doctor Who there is, and, you can enjoy Saturday evening T.V. again, anytime, just by pressing play….




So take a look on the left and click away. enjoy……

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