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4th Dr Adventure Series 1 Episode 1 Destination Nerva
Destination Nerva The episode starts with a Victorian battalion fiercely fighting an Alien race called the Drelleran. In the Tardis, the Dr and Leela are [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 2 Episode 7 The Final Phase
Fitting tribute to Mary Tamm, superb final performance, in this the final episode of series 2
Horror Channel
Horror Channel; Videos
4th Dr Adventure Series 2 Episode 6 The Dalek Contract
Tom with a cheeky grin saying the dry little comments from his script.
Thoughts and Feelings
Update to thinking on posting to the site
4th Dr Adventure Series 2 Episode 5 Phantoms of the Deep
The fifth outing in series 2. This time Ramana and the Dr are thrown into the realms of the dark deep ocean. The Pacific Ocean to be precise. They discover [...]
7.2 The Night of 1000 Stars
Jago and Litefoot second instalment of Box Set 7. Jago and Litefoot are trapped due to their potential incarceration, with a night in at home, well Baker [...]
7.1 The Monstrous Menagerie
You would be forgiven to think there is a tinge of plagiarism in this episode, and to all purposes there is, the two now running from the law, are added [...]
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4th Dr Adventure Series 2 Episode 4 The Justice Of Jalxar
Timescales review is here Available from Big Finish priced at 8.99 download and 10.99 CD. Click on the image below to be taken to the site to order. [...]