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5th Dr Adventure The Axis of Insanity Main Release 56
The Tardis is drawn to the Axis, this is where all the timelines that the timelords mess up are kept. The Dr tells his companions Peri and Erimem to stay [...]
8th Dr Adventure Scherzo Main Release 52
McGann and Fisher once again show us something that could equally be a stage or filmed performance, this could be transplanted as a stand alone peace of [...]
6th Dr Adventure Bloodtide Main Release 22
Colin Baker takes on the Silurians along with Evelyn Smythe and Charles Darwin. What a cracking adventure that this turns out to be. The soundscape on this [...]
8th Dr Adventure The Twilight Kingdom Main Release 55
This is a very much “standard” style Dr Who the sort that you could have easily seen on the TV. For me there were reminiscence of the Pertwee [...]
8th Dr Adventure The Natural History of Fear Main Release 54
Let me just say that this isn’t for me a Dr Who main range title, this is a peace of audio drama, and it just happens to have Dr Who number 8 and his [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Wormery Main Release 51
Ok the adventure as Iris Wildthyme in here for good measure. This for me was my first encounter of the character, so I think it will take a while for me to [...]
8th Dr Adventure Neverland Main Release 33
I approached this review by completely re-listening to the story. Twice in fact. I get it, it took time but it finally sunk in, I find that 8th Dr [...]
5th Dr Adventure The Eye of the Scorpion Main Release 24
We introduce another companion to the fold with the introduction of the Egyptian Pharaoh Emrimemushinteperem, or Emrimem. It helps that the Dr and Peri [...]
6th Dr Adventure Project:Twilight Main Release 23
The 6th Dr and Evelyn, and we have a vampire hunting Dr Who adventure. We also see the introduction of Nimrod and the Forge into the series as well. The [...]
7th Dr Adventure Dust Breeding Main Release 21
The story brings us back in contact with the Master, however, the production team allegedly at the time of production and publication kept this as a sort [...]