Monthly Archives: September 2014

8th Dr Adventure Terror Firma Main Release 72
McGann, with India and Conrad, star in the first post Divergence Universe drama, well at least that is what you assume, on first listen. However there are [...]
5th Dr & 7th Dr Adventure Veiled Leopard – Additional Release for DWMagazine
Ok we have to get one thing absolutely clear, this release was a freebie, and for that I am not going to be too harsh on the offering that Big Finish have [...]
5th Dr Adventure The Council Of Nicaea
This is a release is a bit of an issue for me, this is not necessarily a Doctor Who adventure, in fact, the truth of it is this in the broadest sense is a [...]
7th Dr Adventure Unregenerate Main Release 70
This I thought was going to either be really good or really bad. It starts almost like an actors workshop and it has elements of a little Shakespeare, high [...]
5th Dr Adventure Three’s A Crowd Main Release 69
This sees the 5th Doctor, Peri and Erimem visit a Earth Colony, Phoenix. However what they experience is a social experiment gone awfully wrong. With [...]
6th Dr Adventure Catch 1782 Main Release 68
Colin and Bonnie team up for this adventure, first of all this is a historic style, and the production of this is exceptionally slick and comes across as a [...]
7th Dr Adventure Dreamtime Main Release 67
Dreamtime, and we get another chance to meet the Galayri, as per the Sandman story with Colin Baker. However this story is much more based around the idea [...]
Companion Chronicles Here Be Monsters CC-3.1
This is a first Doctor adventure and it is bang on the money. It has incredibly good imagery, as the story is told with superb detail by the Doctors [...]
Companion Chronicles The Catalyst CC-2.4
An outing with Leela as the fourth Doctor takes a turn in a Companion Chronicles adventure. Louise Jameson is a wonderfully good actress, she uses her [...]
Companion Chronicles Old Soliders CC-2.3
This is a story from Unit and the third Doctor era. For me one of my personal favorites. I love the concept and idea of UNIT and the stranded on earth [...]