Monthly Archives: October 2014

6th Dr Adventure The Reaping Main Release 86
Timely by accident, with the last of the current run of Dr Who on T.V with Peter ending, last Saturday, and with a very similar story line of Cybermen [...]
7th Dr Adventure Red Main Release 85
OK lets get one thing straight, this is the closest I think that Big Finish have come to a ¬†Clockwork Orange’s horror story, and Frank Miller’s [...]
8th Dr Adventure Something Inside Main Release 83
McGann is the 8th Doctor and finally we are fully underway and moving along with no more Divergence, LSD manipulated dream scape drama. I for one prefer [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Nowhere Place Main Release 84
6th Doctor adventure, and we find the wonderful Maggie Stables alongside Colin, for this run out of the Evelyn Smythe companion range. The story is based [...]
7th Dr Adventure The Settling Main Release 82
This is possibly one of the best 7th Doctor’s adventures I have heard to date. McCoy finally delivers on all fronts, and HEX and ACE are in this [...]
5th Dr Adventure The Kingmaker Main Release 81
God this was hard work, not due to the nature of the drama in question, more to the fact that I spent over a week trying to get time to listen and [...]
Been Away, still listening just been having a rest…….
Folks, Hi I have not posted any reviews for a while like most “life” as got in the way of stuff at the moment, so it has been hard to quite get [...]
8th Dr Adventure Time Works Main Release 80
OK from the off, I had references of Metropolis (Herr Lang’s version). With a good dollop of a previous BF Doctor Who’s. The threesome of [...]
7th Dr Adventure Night Thoughts Main Release 79
To start with this I thought was brilliant, and I listened to this as we approach Halloween, and, this adds to the overall wonderment, and amazing [...]
6th Dr Adventure Pier Pressure Main Release 78
Max Miller was a 20’s, 30’s and pre and post second world war, British musical hall (variety theater) comedian, who, I understand was a little [...]