Monthly Archives: November 2014

5th Dr Adventure Renaissance of the Daleks Main Release 93
This is a adventure with Peter, Sarah and a plethora of temporary companions who to be fair don’t add to this story they actually in my opinions ruin [...]
7th Dr Adventure Nocturne Main Release 92
First off this has the three characters the Dr (McCoy), ACE (Aldred) and HEX (Philip). This combination to me is proving to be a wonderful mix of both [...]
5th Dr Adventure Circular Time Main Release 91
Spring The Doctor is sent to convince a rouge Time Lord that he should return to Gallery and take up his proper role with Time Lord society, alas he is [...]
6th Dr Adventure Year of the Pig Main Release 90
Bit of a slow burn with this outing from Big Finish, lots of story here as well, we have a, freak show act, a women whom is transfixed by said acts, A [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Gathering Main Release 87
The 5th Doctor is pushed back into his past with a meeting with Tegan. This is one where it would definitely be a plus to have listened to a previous [...]
7th Dr Adventure No Man’s Land Main Release 89
For me this is a first rate drama, it is not sci fi in any shape or form, it’s actually a moral commentary on the futile thing we have and call war. [...]
8th Dr Adventure Memory Lane Main Release 88
We have now what has established itself as the ensemble for the 8th Doctor adventure’s of Paul, India and Conrad. These three are sparking on all [...]