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5th Dr Adventure The Mind’s Eye Main Release 102
Others who have listened and reviewed have popped their thoughts on the TimeScales web site, click here to read more. To purchase this title from Big [...]
8th Dr Adventure Absolution Main Release 101
Others who have listened to this release and have left there thoughts on this on the TheTimescales web site have posted their reviews, click here to read [...]
6th Dr Adventure 100 Main Release 100
Others who have listened and reviewed this release have posted their thoughts and opinions of it on the Timescales web site. Click here to read more. This [...]
5th Dr Adventure Son Of The Dragon Main Release 99
The 5th Doctor lands in the age of the war between the Sultan’s men and Vlad, coupled with a sibling rivalry between Vlad and Radu, the Doctor and [...]
7th Dr Adventure Frozen Time Main Release 98
I have never took to 7th Doctor adventures easily. They somehow, through a mix of McCoy seemingly struggling over the material, and producing a lack lustre [...]
The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes
First off this is a 4 part 1 hour quartet of drama, based around the idea of what Sherlock Holmes got up to between the unexpected fall down the Swiss [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Wishing Beast Main Release 97a
This felt like an half an hour drama, Mr Magrs is a talented writer that is a given and he ticks all the right boxes with this outing of the 6th Doctor. [...]
7th Dr Adventure Valhalla Main Release 96
This is a McCoy outing on his own, and the bemused ramblings of what appears to be a Time Lord who has lost his way are the most accurate words to describe [...]
5th Dr Adventure Exotron Main/ Urban Myths Release 95a
Peter and Nicola, once again stroll into a rather dangerous situation, and once again the Doctor is left with sorting out the problem. Unearthing in the [...]
6th Dr Adventure Urgent Calls Main Release 94b
Release 94 as turned out to be a good one for me, personally. I loved the release of I.D. which is on the first part of this three parter from Big Finish. [...]