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6th Dr Adventure The Raincloud Man Main Release 116
Others who have listened to this and have reviewed this title have posted their reviews on the Timescales web site. Click here to read more reviews about [...]
7th Dr Adventure Forty-Five – False Gods Main Release 115 (a,b,c,d)
Others who have listened to this release and have rated it on the web site have posted there comments there. Click here to read more. To [...]
5th Dr Adventure Key 2 Time The Destroyer of Delights Main Release 118
The second instalment of the key 2 time story, finds Peter and Ciara in the lands of ancient Persia and the tales of the Arabian Nights. With the Black and [...]
5th Dr Adventure Key 2 Time The Judgement of Isskar Main Release 117
First off this is a set of stories, that re-awakens the theme of the Key Of Time. My own personal recollection of the Doctor’s story about the key of [...]
6th Dr Adventure Brotherhood of the Daleks Main Release 114
This is simply the best value from Big Finish ever, and, not, for the immediate obvious. The acting is superb, I love the pairing of India and Colin they [...]
5th Dr Adventure Time Reef Main Release 113
This is the one that exposes Peter’s Doctor as the weakest so far from the Big Finish stable. The story lacks what I consider focus. It also is [...]
5th Dr Adventure The Boy that Time Forgot Main Release 110
The Carry On quote in this drama is [pullquote]I have never been taken up the Limpopo by the natives[/pullquote] This is one of those Big Finish releases [...]
7th Dr Adventure Kingdom of Silver Main Release 112
I approached this with, what l consider, an open mind. We are after all in the realms of the 7th Doctor, in the shape of McCoy who can either bewilder you [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Doomword Curse Main Release 111
This is a Charlie and 6th Dr adventure again! This starts with the Dr realising that he has an overdue library book. This book however is a romantic [...]
6th Dr Adventure Assassin in the Limelight Main Release 108
This sees the Doctor, embroiled with the assassination of Lincoln, or will it happen, throw in a massive dollop of Dr Knox and you know from the off that [...]