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7th Dr Adventure Lurkers at Sunlight’s Edge Main Release 141
Lurkers is a novel story, but has reminders to myself of a couple of other Who stories that are based around Arctic/Alaskan or general merriment, and to be [...]
5th Dr Adventure The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories Main Release 142 (a,b,c,d)
Others who have listened to this release have posted their review here on the Timescales web site. Click on the link to read more on the first part for The [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Crimes of Thomas Brewster Main Release 143
We get re-introduced to what i consider as a potential companion in the making that of DI Menzies, we came to first meet her in her home town of Manchester [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Feast of Axos Main Release 144
Axos – remember those guys, entities, space anomalies what ever you want to call them from the TV. I remember there being a meteorite that the [...]
7th Dr Adventure Project Destiny Main Release 139
This is dam clever, also it is an very elaborate exploration of the characters Hex and is background. It jumps around, which actually works, it displays [...]
5th Dr Adventure The Cradle of the Snake Main Release 138
This picks up once again from the previous release all this, although with the same crew of people as the Doctors companion’s it does not require the [...]
5th Dr Adventure The Whispering Forest Main Release 137
We have the extended family as I have come to refer to this incarnation of No.5 and his crew amongst the Tardis. We see Nyssa, Turlough and Tegan land on [...]
7th Dr Adventure A Death in the Family Main Release 140
Quite possibly this is genius, and, for me this required several listens however, the plot is not straight forward, it makes quite the largest amount use [...]
Special Edition Post Dark Eyes 4 – Video Trailer
It's time for another Dark Eyes 4 reveal, with Tom Saunders's fantastic video trailer for the Eighth Doctor's next adventure...
Companion Chronicles The Great Space Elevator CC-3.2 – Big Finish Review
We begin our adventure with the TARDIS landing in Sumatra, the Doctors companions are quickly taken into custody by the guards of the Space Elevator, just [...]