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6th Dr Adventure Wirrn Isle Main Release 158
This release I made a big of a mistake, as I listened to the second disk initially before the first, realising my mistake after about ten minutes I felt a [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Fourth Wall Main Release 157
Others who have listened to this release have posted their reviews on the web site. Click here to read more. To purchase this click on the [...]
In remberance
GNU is enabled in respect of Terry P.
GNU Clacks Terry Pratchett
6th Dr Adventure The Curse of Davros Main Release 156
Others who have listened and reviewed this title have posted it on the website. Click here to read more. To purchase this title click on the [...]
8th Dr Adventure Army of Death Main Release 155
Others who have reviewed this after listening to it have posted it on the web site. Click here to read more. To purchase this title priced at [...]
8th Dr Adventure The Witch From the Well Main Release 154
This story was written by the winner of a BF contest, and, I understand that Rick Briggs wrote The Entropy Composition in the 5th Dr release of the Demons [...]
8th Dr Adventure The Silver Turk Main Release 153
This sees up pick up the story with the 8th Doctor and his new companion Mary Shelly, you can see throughout this adventure that the Doctor is quite [...]
7th Dr Adventure The Doomsday Quatrain Main Release 151
Another drama here that plays to the solitary strengths of McCoy, in the sense that McCoy is bigger than the rest of the cast, so¬†with no¬†companion’s [...]
7th Dr Adventure House of Blue Fire Main Release 152
Interesting turn of events within this release, we get the Doctor trying to save the world from an age old mythical Timelord bogey man. The entity it self [...]
6th Dr Adventure Recorded Time and other stories Main Release 150 (a,b,c,d)
Let’s start with Recorded Time. This is a sixth Doctor and Peri adventure and finds our to intrepid adventurers taken back to the court of King Henry [...]