Monthly Archives: April 2015

5th Dr Adventure Eldred Must Die Main Release 172
After a brief respite we are back with Doctor No. 5. Peter Davidson and his band of merry brothers and sisters are back, and by that I mean Turlough, Nyssa [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Seeds of War Main Release 171
This adventure was excellent, I thought too deeply about the title, when in fact it is the crux of the whole story. So the gardening fraternity whom enjoy [...]
6th Dr Adventure SpacePort Fear Main Release 170
We have so far had in real terms, one hit, and one near miss with the latest instalments from Colin and good old number 6 as the Doctor. This however finds [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Wrong Doctors Main Release 169
Pease Pottage Hot, Pease Pottage Cold….the begining of the infernal little ditty that Bonnie is singing when this outing of Old No. 6 and Mel hit [...]
5th Dr Adventure 1001 Nights Main Release 168
These stories are written in the style of the original Arabic 1001 nights stories, and the story accomodates the theme very well, so hats off to Beeby, [...]
7th Dr Adventure The Shadow Heart Main Release 167
There is a saying leave the best until last. Big Finish have done this with this release, the last release bring us Sylvester McCoy, and if I were to judge [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Acheron Pulse Main Release 166
Following on from the Burning Prince, the House Sorcha is destroyed as does the Drashani Empire the insight that issues is called ‘the Succession of [...]
5th Dr Adventure The Burning Prince Main Release 165
This is a trilogy of highly original scripted stories which feature in turn Doctor’s 5, 6 and 7. They span a wonderfully original story arc that for [...]
7th Dr Adventure Black & White Main Release 163
This is slap bang in the middle of the trilogy from writer Fitton. It is I suppose possible for someone to listen to this without first availing themselves [...]
7th Dr Adventure Gods & Monsters Main Release 164
This is a story with arch evil ancient, we are also treated to the appearance of the Haemovores, what we have here is simply breath taking in more ways [...]