Monthly Archives: May 2015

5th Dr Adventure Masquerade Main Release 187
This is one of those stories, that probably felt like it had or should have been on TV when this Doctor was on air. It also for obvious reasons, made me [...]
6th Dr Adventure Scavenger Main Release 184
Well that business trip allowed me to indulge in another release, and this again was a decent release but again, it didn’t have the gravitas of the [...]
5th Dr Adventure Moonflesh Main Release 185
A No.5 and Nyssa adventure here, with Peter Davidson and Sarah Sutton being cast into deepest darkest Surrey. What comes as a little bit of a shock to them [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Brood Of Erys Main Release 183
The Brood of Erys, accompanied me on a recent business trip, so I got the pleasure of listening to this uninterrupted from start to finish, which was [...]
6th Dr Adventure Antidote to Oblivion Main Release 182
The wonders that are Sil are back, in this a quite depressing and thought evoking future for the planet earth, if we are to believe the that Philip Martin [...]
7th Dr Adventure Afterlife Main Release 181
In the excellent Gods and Monsters we hear that HEX as given his life so that the Doctor and Ace can survive. However we learn that a part of another [...]
7th Dr Adventure The Daleks Amongst Us Main Release 177
The final part of our adventures with No7 and Klein end up with us travelling to AZIMUTH, where it appears there is a Orwellian nightmare being played out [...]
7th Dr Adventure Starlight Robbery Main Release 176
Well we have the second of the three instalments of the Doctor number 7 and Klein and perhaps Arrowsmith (we can live in hope that he gets the chop in this [...]
7th Dr Adventure Persuasion Main Release 175
Back with Doctor number 7, and Sylvester is entwined with Klein. However Klein is now working for the government, she isn’t the Klein that we have [...]
5th Dr Adventure Fanfare for the Common Man Main Release 178
I understand that these are in celebration of 50 years of the Doctor, to be fair out of all the releases this is probably one of the best. It does combine [...]