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4th Dr Adventure Series 4 Episode 6 The Cloisters of Terror
Johnathan Morris, ought to be given massive pat on the back, for doing what I consider a really good job at ripping off Hinchcliffe with such a slick and [...]
Doctor Who – Novel Adaptations Volume 01: The Romance Of Crime/The English Way Of Death
The Romance of Crime The Romance of Crime, is a big massive Who adventure, with, aliens, double crossing, dollops of political double crossing, and, of [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 4 Episode 4 Death Match Series
This is the concluding episode in the Rocket men, story, with Leela who has left the Doctor to pursue a life with the Marshall an ex Rocket man who has [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 4 Episode 3 The Requiem for the Rocket Men
This is the first part to a two part story, that we see the return of the Rocket men. Now for me this instantly conjures up images of Buster Crabbe and [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 4 Episode 2 The Darkness of Glass
Definite smatterings of Philip Hinchcliffe are ever present here, the gothic horror abounds, with the Doctor and Leela find themselves taking shelter in [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 4 Episode 1 The Exxilons
Nick Briggs wrote this after David Richardson, mentioned the idea, of getting the fourth Doctor interacting with the Exxilons. We start our adventure with [...]
The World Of Big Finish
The Graceless – David Llewellyn We join our intrepid pair who realise that they need to get to the Archive in order to about a prophecy about their [...]
This is Colin Baker
I was not expecting anything, I approached this with a failry open mind. I knew vaguely of the media slanging match that happened when Colin was [...]
The Sixth Doctor – The Last Adventure
The End of the Line by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris We kick off this the special release for the end of Old No.6 with a rather Sapphire and Steel type [...]
Companion Chronicles 4-05 Ringpullworld
I found Mark superb, he drove this story from start to finish, I also liked the performance of Alex Lowe as the novelisation alien within this, I also [...]