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Early Adventure 1.2 The Doctor’s Tale
        Overall Rating : review To purchase this title click on the image below, priced at 14.99 for CD and 12.99 for [...]
Early Adventure 1.1 Domain of the Voord
    Timescales review click here. To purchase this title click on the image below. Priced at £14.99 for CD & £12.99 for digital download. [...]
6th Dr Adventure Planet of Rani Release 204
Old No.6 and his new companion Mrs Clarke are together in this their first full Main Range outing. Thrust into what should be a run of the mill prison [...]
Prisoner – Only two more months to wait
Big Finish release a video showing behind the scenes from the forth coming Prisoner Box set due for a New Year release.   The Prisoner – The [...]
Doom Coalition – 4. The Satanic Mill
We start with an conversation with the 11, each fragmented personality trying to vie for the 11’s concessions attention. The 11 is in charge, and he is not [...]
Doom Coalition – 3. The Galileo Trap
Disk 3 and back with a bang, this takes our intrepid threesome to the times of the Renaissance Italy, after discovering an ancient recording on the [...]
Doom Coalition – 2. The Red Lady
Firstly has this is the second in the release of four all I can comment on this initially is, oh dear, we are steering away from something spectacular to [...]
Doom Coalition – 1. The Eleven
First disk of this 4 disk set, and the dulcet tones of Sylvester are penetrating my ear drums, with the new enemy The 11. The Timelord whose previous [...]
U.N.I.T Original Series 1-4 The Wasting Review
  Timescales review click here. To purchase this title click on the image below priced at £5.00 for digital and CD product. Overal Rating:    [...]
U.N.I.T Original Series 1-3 The Longest Night
3rd outing for the Big Finish take on U.N.I.T I must admit I didn’t enjoy this one as much, it is definitely moving further away from Who and more [...]