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2.2 The Forsaken
The Doctor, and his companions land on a island off the coast of Singapore, slap bang in the middle of the second world war. A BANG we are straight in the [...]
1.4. An Ordinary Life
Interesting story, exceptionally well written, and highly enjoyable to boot. The premises of the story is something that we do not get a great deal of [...]
1.2 A Doctors Tale
A rather compelling tale, with the first Doctor and his companions thrust into the 15th century, a world of “The Canterbury Tales” and Henry IV [...]
2.1. The Yes Men
The Doctor arrives in New Houston, to visit and old friend, when they open the TARDIS doors and walk out, they are greeted with a magnificent modern city, [...]
6th Dr Adventure Shield of the Jötunn Release 206
It seems an age since I last listened to a Dr Who Release, that wasn’t a special, or a new range boxed set, or some other wonderment from the people [...]
Torchwood 1.3 – Forgotten Lives
A interesting release for 2 reasons, it is the first with both the characters of Gwen and her husband being present, as well, as the fact that this is more [...]
Jago and Litefoot & Strax
There are too many superlatives to really type about just how good this is. It is actually simply brilliant, singly the most well produced, acted, written [...]
Torchwood 1.2. The Fall To Earth
Ianto is stranded, he is what appears to be the only survivor aboard the inaugural flight of a Branson style business magnet’s attempts at space [...]
1. UNIT – Extinction
Vanguard by Matt Fitton Well, well, well, the return of one the most beloved of the Who Universe companion groups, in the shape this time around of the [...]
Jago & Litefoot Series 10
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