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Companion Chronicles 4-08 Emperor of Eternity
Frazier and Deborah treat us to a narrated/acted characterisation of a second Doctor story. The story tells the tale of a corrupt Chinese emperor, intrigue [...]
The Martian Chronicles
The Ray Bradbury work is extensive, so what B7 media have done here is take the principle’s of the work and created a sort of homage to the whole [...]
5.12 Black Dog
Not to be confused with Churchill’s metaphor of what depression is, although there are simile’s throughout this I suppose, this is one of the [...]
7th Doctor You Are The Doctor and Other Stories Release 207
You are the Doctor – John Dorney OK I have to admit this is a wonderful idea, very reminiscent of those comic books where you choose the ending or [...]
Doctor Who – The War Doctor 1: Only The Monstrous
Well, we kick off with John Hurt playing the Doctor, the War Doctor, and what we have almost immediately is enormous gravitas, plausibility and what I can [...]
Theater of War – Dr Who Novel Adaptation
Another novel adaptation, and another one staring No.7 and Bernice. Once again I have not read the book, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think I [...]
All Consuming Fire – Dr Who Novel Adaptation
To start with I have not read the book that this is based upon. I have read somewhere how the author did not immediately relish the idea of taking his [...]
Companion Chronicles 4-07 The Suffering
A companion chronicles release. Starring Peter Purvis as Steven (characterisation of the Doctor) and Maureen O’Brien as Vicki.  Again Peter, plays [...]
Torchwood – One Rule
Well, well what have we here, Tracy Oberman one classy and high quality actress of stage and screen, gracing the audio of another Torchwood Big Finish [...]
5.02. Little Doctors
Timescales The adventure is just over 30 minutes, makes ideal listening to if you are going for a stroll with the dog, or walk or jog around the [...]