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Short Trips Volume 1 – Doctor Who
 Rise and Fall – This introduces us to some lovingly crafted stories retold through the voices of actors that appear elsewhere for Big Finish, or are [...]
Avengers Lost Episodes Volume 5
5.1 Nightmare by Dan Starkey, from a storyline by Terence Feely Welcome back to the lost stories of the Avengers. I do miss them. We kick off with [...]
1.1. Dalek Empire Invasion of the Daleks
Dalek empire, is as far as I am aware the brain child of Nicholas Briggs, Producer of Big Finish. Nicholas often tells people that he wrote to [...]
Torchwood – Uncanny Valley
Right lets get a few things out, I am a open minded person, and I am by no means homophobic, I understand very well that Captain Jack is bi-sexual as [...]
2.4. The Isos Network
To be honest this episode was like an ear worm, I just could not get into the second part of the story, it took me half a dozen replays to get myself into [...]
Doctor Who: The Churchill Years Volume 1
1. The Oncoming Storm by Phil Mulryne Well, this is the second outing for Big finish to dip their toes into the new era of Whovian off shoots, and this [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 5 Episode 1 Waves of Destruction
We are straight back in the era of Baker with this one, it is so grippingly good, it makes me think I can still buy a bag of snaps for 5p and the Beano [...]
5th Doctor Adventure The Waters of Amsterdam Main Release 208
  We are quite solidly back on Terra forma with this release, it is quite frankly a good old fashioned Who release. No.5, Nyssa and Tegan, the quartet [...]
Companion Chronicles 4-09 Shadow of the Past
This is a third Doctor adventure, told through the eyes of Liz Shaw, the Doctor’s companion who to all intense and purposes was his equal is called [...]
Prisoner Box Set 1
Episode One: Departure and Arrival Nick Briggs as spruced up the original TV. incarnation that we are so familiar with, bringing it to Big Finish Audio [...]