Monthly Archives: February 2016

More Who in the Coming Year
Nice to see that we are going to get Volume 2’s for Churchill and River Song, and New Monsters (even albeit) that we have not yet seen the first [...]
5.03 Time Tunnel
Ok I loved the Who with the Daemons so it will come as no surprise that I loved this short stories release as well, in fact there is a very quick reference [...]
5.01 Flywheel Revolution
Ok this is one of those releases that will divide the Big Finish fan. Some will find the manner in which the use of language and the way that Peter Purvis [...]
5.09 Etheria
The stunning thing about this is there is just Peter Purvis and no-one else involved, he seemingly conveys an interpretation of the first Doctor [...]
5.07 Dark Convoy
Sophie Aldred, takes us on a rather nautical jaunty tale, where she acts in a rather trait Scottish accent the parts that are the Doctor, although she has [...]
The War Doctor Volume 02: Infernal Devices
Legion of the Lost by John Dorney We start box set 2 with the War Doctor doing battle with the Daleks, assisted in his exploits by another Gallifrian, [...]
Torchwood – More Than This
For the main part this is a story told in a sort of recall mode. Gwen after hitting a wall of red tape and frustration over planning permission, for a new [...]
5th Doctor Adventure Aquitaine Main Release 209
What we have, which seems like an age is a very good,high quality, well written, expertly acted and lovingly crafted by Big Finish audio drama, in the [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 5 Episode 2 The Labyrinth of Buda Castle
To be honest it’s hard to go wrong with Tom for me, even his worst, to me, is still better than most, he just simply¬†oozes Who. Those wonderful [...]
Dark Shadows – Bloodlust
With a nod to the origins of the whole soap opera-esque style, Big Finish released this accompanying Dark Shadows series, to accompany and to supplement [...]