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2.2 Dalek Empire Dalek War Chapter 2
The episode builds on the first release, and extends the story arc of the fact that we now have two sets of Daleks, those who have enslaved and caused [...]
2.1 Dalek Empire Dalek War Chapter 1
This takes up the story that we left with Kalendorf, Mirana and Alby Brooks entwined into the battle now between the Dalek of the present with the Daleks [...]
1.4 Dalek Empire Project Infinity
This is the final outing in the four part first serial of Dalek Empire it goes some way to giving answers to some of the questions, and leave some [...]
1.3 Dalek Empire “Death to the Daleks”
Episode three of the Dalek Empire and we find that Pellan is a Dalek spy, who has been able to feed back to the Daleks the relationship between himself and [...]
2.3 Dalek Empire Dalek War Chapter 3
Enjoying shore leave on the moons of Venus is a dangerous thing for the troops under Kalendorf’s control, as it appears that they have been the [...]
1.2 Dalek Empire The Human Factor
We start the next episode in the Dalek Empire with Alby Brook and Gordon Pellan who are on their travels to find Susie. They need to work out what the [...]
7.07 The Flames of Cadiz
Historical romp with Ian, Susan and the first Doctor (played by William Russell – expertly as usual). We are back on trip through time again with the [...]
8.03 Upstairs
Upstairs, is one of those Big Finish productions where you sort of get the feeling that the writer created this for something else then adapted it to fit [...]
8.02 The Alchemists
The Alchemists, is a tricky one, we have essentially a cult science fiction character, and you have the the Nazi’s. Not the ideal combination for a light [...]
4.01 The Dark Planet
Dark Planet, is a lost story, “Hayles’ storyline was rejected on February 26th, 1965 because story editor Dennis Spooner feared that it hewed too closely [...]