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Jago & Litefoot Series 11
1. Jago and Son by Nigel Fairs The idea that at some point in his past there has been a dalliance by Henry Jago, is either very endearing or a something [...]
8.05 The Beginning – Companion Chronicles
Interesting concept by creating a prequel to supplement the established first episode of Who, and explore what happened before, and in some respects up-to [...]
The LIght at the End
I think another reviewer as summed this story up very well, and I concur. This was a massive opportunity and someone as blown it. But not as you would [...]
9. Nightshade
The release of the dramatisation of Gatiss’s novel, deserves a two part breakdown. Firstly the people who are acting in it, as the cast are simply [...]
6.04 The Curse of The Fugue
An 8th Doctor Short Story read by Sheridan Smith. We see Lucy engaged in the pleasures of the three day week, that, gripped the country, under union issues [...]
5th Doctor Adventure And You Will Obey Me Main Release 211
I am a little contrived over this release, from either absolutely loving it, and the wonderful Geoffrey Beevers, as the Master, no spoilers here, it is on [...]
6.01 Tales From the Vault
The tales from the vault could not be done for any misdirection on its content based on it’s title. In fact never has a title conveyed the truest [...]
5.08 The Perpetual Bond
This companion chronicle introduces us to the character of Oliver Harper, played by Tom Allen, which we will see adorn the next couple of releases from [...]
The Avengers – The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1
Return to the Castle De’Ath- by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris We kick off this newest of Big Finish Avengers serials with a rip roaring, boy own [...]
5.06 Quinnis
Marc Platt as written a Companion Chronicle that to all intense and purposes has the feel, and the quality of a something that could well have been written [...]