Monthly Archives: May 2016

10th Doctor Adventure’s Release 1
1.1 Technophobia by Matt Fitton Koggnossenti  – and the line [pullquote]aliens like a good tunnel[/pullquote] is potentially a smile fulfilling [...]
5.05 Gallery of Ghouls Fourth Doctor Adventure
The 58th most favourite thing for the 4th Doctor is a Waxworks, well according to the dulcet tones of Tom Baker, playing the 4th Doctor in this instalment. [...]
6th Doctor Adventure Vampire of the Mind Main Release 212
This is a cracking 6th Doctor adventure, I actually rate this one slightly better over the last Master adventure from the previous months outing with Peter [...]
8.08 The Sleeping City Companion Chronicles
William Russell plays this well, it is a neat little story, it has a theme that has been used before, the idea of dreaming can be used for many things [...]
2.3 Torchwood Ghost Mission
  I have been a bit harsh in my reviews of Torchwood from Big Finish, I feel they have lapsed from promising, and creative to mediocre and dull. There [...]
8.09 Starborn
A quality story, also showing off the acting talents of Maureen O’Brian to the full. The story is simple, but that does not mean it lacks any [...]
Doctor Who and the Pescadons – Decca/Argo
                Overall Rating : –  To purchase this title check out Ebay, it normally goes for vinyl. In [...]