Monthly Archives: November 2016

3.2. The Fifth Traveller
This is a quite a clever story, We have the wonderful as always William Russell taking on the parts of the Doctor and of Ian, with his rather well define [...]
218. 6th Doctor Adventure Order of the Daleks
[pullquote]Demons, Women whats the difference[/pullquote] Old N0.6 and his new companion Mrs. Constance Clarke land on a level 3 planet, only to run [...]
12. Jago & Litefoot Series 12
12.1: Picture This by Justin Richards Imagine Dorian Grey in reverse, and you have this rather intriguing story summed up. However that is not doing the [...]
217 5th Dr Adventure The Memory Bank and Other Stories
The Memory Bank by Chris Chapman   Turlough and Doctor number 5 grace your eardrums for the main release range audio Who this month, and, instead of [...]