Monthly Archives: December 2016

6.12. The Hesitation Deviation
The last spin of the Short Stories, for 2016, see’s Lisa Bowerman both in charge of the direction, of herself. Which I can only imagine would either [...]
Dan Dare Volume 1
Voyage to Venus by Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle Ok here we go, I recall some time ago, mentioning on a forum, that Big Finish ought to explore the idea of [...]
220 Quicksilver 6th Dr Adventure Main Range Release
Ok, two releases in one month, well it is Christmas, well at least it’s Christmas when these titles where released. Both share the same Dr, 1 [...]
219 Absolute Power 6th Doctor Adventure Main Range
We are rounding the year off, with some good old number 6 stories, in the main range, the first to get air time on the ear drums is Absolute Power, with [...]
6.11. The Man Who Wasn’t There
Nearly 30 minutes of Charlie Pollard recalling a story about her adventures with Dr No.8, proves to be a real winner, especially as I think for myself this [...]
The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 02
2.1 – The Transcendence of Ephros – Guy AdamsĀ  There is a real mash of third doctor stories, that flowed through my head when listening to this [...]