Monthly Archives: January 2017

11. Cold Fusion
The best way I can describe these penultimate releases of the missing adventure novels, quite simply, is think of them as a rather scrumptious trifle. [...]
The New Counter-Measures Series 01
1. Nothing to See Here by Guy Adams Simon Callow is Group Captain Gilmore, and he the deep undercover operative who is working for Counter Measures with a [...]
3.4. The Sontarans
Off we go again with Peter Purves and Jean Marsh in a First Doctor adventure, and on reflection, a rather good one it is too. I really enjoyed this for two [...]
The Avengers – The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 2
2.1 Playtime is Over by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky The second volume kicks off with a story I find hard to believe was in a children’s comic book, [...]
3.3 The Ravelli Conspiracy
We are both utilising the tried and tested along with the most comfortable era of 1st Doctor stories, where we pit the Doctor against not a extra [...]
Original Sin
Well, well, well, BF announce shortly after this release that the Novel adaptations are not the best sellers and so they are to abandon these releases at [...]
U.N.I.T Volume 3 review 1.0 House of the Silents We kick off this box set with Colonel Shindi in a wheelchair performing surveillance on a little old lady [...]