258. Doctor Who: Warzone / Conversion

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258. Doctor Who: Warzone / Conversion

Warzone, if 80’s Doctor Who did The Running Man/The Hunger Games Cyberman story mash up, then that is what we have here. We have what you could consider the defining enemy of Doctor number 5 in the shape of the Cybermen. If any of the Doctors advisories that have a strong link with any of the Doctors, then, there is something rather deep seated between this Doctor and the cybernetic enemies.

It is interesting for years, I didn’t realise the full horror of what the Cybermen where all about until Big Finish and Spare Parts, I suppose my brain filtered out the really horrific side of the method of transformation from human to Cybernetic life form. In fact, it interesting that a lot of cult classic Sci-Fi as used this nightmare of assimilation from human to machine as narrative for an enemy of all that is good.

With Warzone and the second story Conversion (no guessing what this one is about), it is more about the Doctor coming to terms with this horror himself, the whole process that the cybermen use as their form of self-procreate, it’s more of how it has affected him, without him acknowledging it. Reflection of what horrors have befallen all the victims, societies at the hands of cybermen. Guy Adams and Chris Chapman have created a sort of time out to consider what this enemy of the Timelords and other as done, and the damage that they have caused, the harm, the evil, the downright unrelenting.

Warzone and Conversion are two excellent stories reminiscent of the era, and a sort of reference piece by Big Finish that moves us from Earth Shock and what happened within that story, and this which extends both the legacy of this, and add more to the canon of the fifth Doctor stories.

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