5.2. Doctor Who: The Ultimate Evil

14/07/2020 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
5.2. Doctor Who: The Ultimate Evil

When the Tardis proves to have nothing wrong with it, it proves to puzzle the Doctor, so what is he going to do with nothing to do, or fix? Perri comes up with the idea of a holiday. Where better after a chance discovery than Tranquela. However, Tranquela is the home to none other than the Doctor’s old friend, in the shape of Ravlos. Perri and the Doctor soon encounter in their own way the challenge of trying to stop the danger of a hate ray. Something that is literally turning individuals into ravenous beasts’ intent on killing and destroying everything. But as with most adventures it’s not the Tranquelians old enemies the Amelierans that are to blame, its coming from somewhere else. The Doctor just has to find out from where, and more importantly who.

This particular story did make it to a published outing, but it never got re-imagined in the way intended. Now it is, and what we have is one of two cracking stories for the ardent classic Who fans, from the past. Original new old stories.

This along with Nightmare Country these are failed TV written episodes, that were never made, and like its other sister release it shows in the quality of the writing and performance. What Big Finish has done is breathe a bit of their magic into the scripts, with the aid of the original cast. One of the standouts in both of these is the use of what I can only describe as fantastic 80’s sound and musical back drops. There is an overdose of Yamaha DX7 and Roland D50 clearly producing the cracking score for these releases. The other thing that is immediately noticeable is the timeless way that the stories almost for me paint a 625-line PAL tv broadcast with the respective Doctors. Real slices of 80’s Saturday teatime adventure and fun.


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