9.9. Doctor Who – Short Trips: Dead Media

28/04/2020 - Dr Who Short Trips, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
9.9. Doctor Who – Short Trips: Dead Media

A short trips, pocket money release from Big Finish, but do not let the cost fool you in to thinking that this is a bargain release. The story is excellently written and produced, and the execution of the performance part by, what I consider to be the find of the century, in the shape of Jake Dudman, is a wonderful and entertaining actor, who is fast proving himself to be a person whom I would watch as I figure that he is destined for bigger things. Check Jake out in the rather excellent Netflix release of The Stranger, proving that this 23 year old is on for bigger and better things, one would hope, more Doctor Who in employ.

Of course we have here the perfect vehicle for a actor who by his own confession has crafted his skill on You Tube, in the shape of being a excellent mimic or as Big Finish like to use the term, can re-imagine the characters from Doctor Who who are no longer with us, or perhaps for their own reasons do not want to participate in the recording of new adventures in audio format. However with the current news of a joing venture between all parties it would seem that a certain re-boot Doctor from the Nu Who has decided that it is ok to participate in this – see the following link

With Dudman at the controls we have a bright, breezy and well executed story on show here, with his talents more than making the whole thing seem larger than it is, again a single performance piece is at play. Dudman delivers the kind of performance that one would come to expect from a much more seasoned professional, and lets face it, science fiction is not everyone’s first choice or ability to be delivered in a manner that can elevate the genre to a art that engages with the audience, and more over audio I think is perhaps one of the harder platforms to convey emotion, or subtle reference. Of course here Dudman aided by the well crafted script of John Richards has it in spade fulls, and we are transported albeit for half and hour into a sort of parallel Capaldi universe with a story of an college being at threat from a rather unpleasant alien entity, needless to say the dry whit, tenacity and over all genius of the Doctor shines through.

These little minuets of drama are without doubt one of the shining lights in Big Finish’s ever expanding range of audio drama output, but, what is more telling is when you match the performance of a really good actor with a good script, the fact that these are pocket money price audio, ideal for a quick listen at lunchtime at work, or on the way to and from school, train or that quick drive in the car, these are both excellent and also show off the talents of some great actors.

  • Product Format: 0-download only
  • Duration: 34 minutes
  • Physical Retail ISBN: n/a
  • Digital Retail ISBN: 978-1-78703-722-9
  • Production Code: BFMSTDL57

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