Doom Coalition

3. Doom Coalition 3
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Doom Coalition Box Set 2
2.1 Beachhead by Nicholas Briggs Well we start the first story of the second box set in the sleepy town of Stegmoor, we are introduced to Matilda or [...]
Doom Coalition – 4. The Satanic Mill
We start with an conversation with the 11, each fragmented personality trying to vie for the 11’s concessions attention. The 11 is in charge, and he is not [...]
Doom Coalition – 3. The Galileo Trap
Disk 3 and back with a bang, this takes our intrepid threesome to the times of the Renaissance Italy, after discovering an ancient recording on the [...]
Doom Coalition – 2. The Red Lady
Firstly has this is the second in the release of four all I can comment on this initially is, oh dear, we are steering away from something spectacular to [...]
Doom Coalition – 1. The Eleven
First disk of this 4 disk set, and the dulcet tones of Sylvester are penetrating my ear drums, with the new enemy The 11. The Timelord whose previous [...]