Doctor Who – The War Doctor 1: Only The Monstrous
Well, we kick off with John Hurt playing the Doctor, the War Doctor, and what we have almost immediately is enormous gravitas, plausibility and what I can [...]
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Hello there, pour yourself a cuppa, lets begin   When I was younger, much younger, I remember each Saturday teatime, waiting all day, to watch a [...]
Here are the links listed for reviews on all the Gallifrey based drama’s that have been revised and posted here on the web site. Gallifrey 1.4 A [...]
Gallifrey 1.4 A Blind Eye
This is a fantastic way to end the first season of Gallifrey. We have much more non political story on the face of it, from the previous stories in the [...]
Gallifrey 1.3 The Inquiry
This the third in the first season, is much more getting the job done, and linking the story together so far so that the listener can get to a point of [...]
Gallifrey 1.2 Square One
I like this spin off of the Doctor Who main range. This episode is making it mark. I love the character development of Romana, as a much more four [...]
Gallifrey 1.1 Weapon of Choice
First outing, outside of the Dr Who Main Range for about 3 weeks, so I thought I would dip into the Gallifrey adventures to see what they were all about. [...]
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Fantastic Guide to the world of Who Time Scales Review Web Site Where all of my Big Finish Audio Reviews Reside. Click on the link below to get access to [...]