Scarifyers – Bafflegab

The Scarifyers: The Gnomes of Death
What can I say about Baffelgab produced audio, it is simply sublime, this release in the ever popular Scarifyers range is another shining example of the [...]
4. The Curse of the Black Comet
Oh wow, what have we hear audio heaven, Courtney, Molloy and Blessed, literally if you had to write a bucket list of actors who simply would shine in audio [...]
7. The Horror of Loch Ness
David Warner and Terry Molly take us on another journey of fun, frolics and downright hilarity and stupidity, and adventure of the most rewarding [...]
8. The Thirteen Hallows
It just simply gets more and more fun listening to these stories, especially when you consider that essentially they are the culmination of a lot of old [...]
5. The Secret Weapon of Doom
The Scarifyers have a charm that is unlike any other, very British in it’s writing and acting, very much of a type that only can be produced within [...]
9. The King of Winter
This I believe to be the latest and greatest release of the Scarifyers series. It is by far the greatest instalment of fun, with the wonderful David [...]
2. The Devil of Denge Marsh
Courtney and Molloy as The Prof and Lionheart, are at it again, this time in Denge Marsh, actually that is a bit of a misnomer, as in effect this story is [...]
1. The Nazad Conspiracy
My first and certainly not my last venture into the wacky, and rather wonderful world of the scarifyers. What a simply stunning idea, and so well produced [...]