The Prisoner Volume 3
Nicholas Briggs, pet project, and with the release of Volume 3 it cements itself into the Big Finish catalogue as a reference release for them. Alongside [...]
Entanglement – First Doctor Adventure
Purvis is in fine voice along with O'Brien in this first Doctor outing
The Quantum Possibility Engine
Narvin, Dogbolter and a machine to change the future, it could only happen to the 7th Doctor
Skayne 1
I have not insight into this release, other than my now and again pursuing of the website where Nick pops his various out of the Big Finish world work. I [...]
Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 02
Night of the Vashta Nerada by John Dorney We start this second installment of the Old Doctors versus the new monsters with a cracking opener, we have Tom [...]
It’s offline for a while
Looks like the upgrades continue for the Big Finish website  496 total views
Test My Tweet Part 2
Test of API part 2    513 total views
Theatre of the Mind – Launched
A sister web site to this has been launched which will further popularise the review section from here. Over the coming months we hope to develop this site [...]
2.1 Dalek Empire Dalek War Chapter 1
This takes up the story that we left with Kalendorf, Mirana and Alby Brooks entwined into the battle now between the Dalek of the present with the Daleks [...]
More Who in the Coming Year
Nice to see that we are going to get Volume 2’s for Churchill and River Song, and New Monsters (even albeit) that we have not yet seen the first [...]