UNIT Incursions Series 8
The Static, make an appearance in the opening story, from this the 8th outing of the New Unit Files. Although appearance is a not actually technically an [...]
UNIT Revisitations
7.1 and 7.2 Hosts of the Wirrn by Chris Chapman The Wirrn, an alien species about the size of human, but with the appearance of an insect, ant/wasp like is [...]
U.N.I.T Cyber Reality
This is the sixth outing for Kate and Osgood along with the usual comrades in arms in the shape of Col. Shindi Josh Carter and Sam Bishop, who we catch up [...]
U.N.I.T Series 5 Encounters
The Dalek Transaction by Matt Fitton UNIT are on the trail of purchasing from a South American guerilla outfit a alien artifact that they are keen to sell [...]
U.N.I.T Assembled
4.1 Call to Arms by Matt Fitton We kick off the new release with the wonderful and warming tones of Sgt Benton and Mike Yates, with the former UNIT [...]
U.N.I.T Volume 3 review 1.0 House of the Silents We kick off this box set with Colonel Shindi in a wheelchair performing surveillance on a little old lady [...]
2. UNIT Shutdown
2.1 Power Cell by Matt Fitton Introducing stage left the Tengobushi, a sort of alien race who marry spiritual with science to be a whole new type of hell [...]
1. UNIT – Extinction
Vanguard by Matt Fitton Well, well, well, the return of one the most beloved of the Who Universe companion groups, in the shape this time around of the [...]
U.N.I.T Original Series 1-4 The Wasting Review
  Timescales review click here. To purchase this title click on the image below priced at £5.00 for digital and CD product. Overal Rating:    [...]
U.N.I.T Original Series 1-3 The Longest Night
3rd outing for the Big Finish take on U.N.I.T I must admit I didn’t enjoy this one as much, it is definitely moving further away from Who and more [...]