War Doctor

4. The War Doctor Volume 04: Casualties of War
It is hard to write in truth anything critical, when what you have listened too is both outstandingly well written, expertly produced and made. Then you [...]
3. The War Doctor 03: Agents of Chaos
  3.1 – The Shadow Vortex The War Doctor is on the trail of a timelord turned Dalek agent Lara, he own hate and anger as turned her to assisting [...]
The War Doctor Volume 02: Infernal Devices
Legion of the Lost by John Dorney We start box set 2 with the War Doctor doing battle with the Daleks, assisted in his exploits by another Gallifrian, [...]
Doctor Who – The War Doctor 1: Only The Monstrous
Well, we kick off with John Hurt playing the Doctor, the War Doctor, and what we have almost immediately is enormous gravitas, plausibility and what I can [...]