Diary of River Song Volume 6

22/01/2020 - Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, River Song
Diary of River Song Volume 6

River Song Volume 6 it seems like two minutes since I was listening to Volume 5, how time really does pass more quickly as we all grow older. However, Alex Kingston at the helm this is going to be a rather splendid journey of fun. The interesting thing about this is we have one or two surprises in the shape of old meets the new world. In the shape of elements of third Doctor, and Fourth Doctor as well as some enemies of the Doctor making a welcome appearance, as well as some old friends also. The River Song concept is at odds I always feel, a timelord of sorts, the Doctors wife, we think, although I am never personally that sure in my own conceptual view of the time lines, and of course, the rather interesting providence that she flits between adventure dipping her toes in the temporal tide of the various incarnations of the Doctor and his past, present and perhaps future selves. A sort of time shifting memory. The thing with this latest release as I stated beforehand is that we have the injection of past, present Who universe characters, Sontaron’s Ogorons, Jago, Greel, Yeti’s in London, with heavy nod of the head towards Doctor’s one, two, three and four in their time lines. The concept is a very welcome idea. I would also like to congratulate the musical production side of things as it was also stand out. The use of early synth sounds really add that texture to the story telling that makes it all that much more authentic, and gives gravitas to the story telling a great deal. I for one found this perhaps one of the best River Song Boxed sets. Given this almost scary time evading elapse that seems to be happening with River’s release schedule I no doubt will be settling back and listening to her 7th box set before I finished fully appreciating this one. Perhaps time travel is a real concept and it does exist, and Big Finish have been able to control it for their release schedule.


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