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Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 05
5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Two feature length stories grace this boxed set, but this time around we have a full cast. With some originals and some re-imaged [...]
The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 3
The Conquest of Far, by Nicholas Briggs There is a reference to the third doctors’ Skaro adventures with Jo, and there is a distinct similarity [...]
Gardeners World
Tim Treloar once again takes the part of Third Doctor, and also the narrator in this short story, about time travelling aliens, intent on causing mayhem to [...]
The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 02
2.1 – The Transcendence of Ephros – Guy Adams  There is a real mash of third doctor stories, that flowed through my head when listening to this [...]
216 The Maker of Demons
Maker of Demons is a good quality Who story, with some fine performances, and also I think is an excellent example of how well Big Finish handle the Who [...]
Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Genesis Chamber
It is not in any doubt in most people’s minds, that the years of tenure by Philip Hinchcliffe, are by far some of the most memorable, and perhaps gave the [...]
6.08. Damascus
Scary and mind blowing realism, and that isn’t the story, that is just the wondrous performance put in here by Tim Treloar, he is simply stunningly [...]
6.07 The Blame Game
Rufus Hound a Doctor Who fan, certainly puts in a decent shift here, for any actor, it is often commented hard to actually pull off a reading or [...]
The Monkey House – Short Trips
Thrandahar are an alien race I have searched the internet and cannot find a trace, I will stand corrected, but I get the feeling that they must have [...]
Doctor Who Invasion of the Dinosaurs – BBC DVD
Production Code: WWW Invasion of the Dinosaurs, was first broadcast in 1974, I would have been 3 years old. It is of it’s time, and whilst listening [...]