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258. Doctor Who: Warzone / Conversion
Warzone, if 80’s Doctor Who did The Running Man/The Hunger Games Cyberman story mash up, then that is what we have here. We have what you could [...]
5.1. Doctor Who: Nightmare Country
A good, retro standard here. Quality story with the fifth Doctor and Tegan and Turlough as the companions. The Doctor as lent the tempral enigneers – [...]
257. Doctor Who: Interstitial / Feast of Fear
Two for the price of one, well that is the fact given that we have two 5th Doctor stories to wrap our ears around. Accompanying the Doctor on these outings [...]
256. Doctor Who: Tartarus
What could possible go wrong with the mix of both the 5th Doctor and the highly successful Cicero, from an earlier release in the Big Finish back catalog. [...]
Doctor Who: The Kamelion Empire Main Range 249
5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) The King’s Demon, bought us the character of Kamelion, the actor Gerlad Flood lent him his talents to bring this cyber, shape [...]
Doctor Who – Devil in The Mist Main Range Rel.247
A main Doctor release, with Peter Davison at the helm, as Doctor number 5, with Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) in tow. Are also [...]
Trap For Fools – Short Trips Series 8 Release 5
4 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Mark Strickson, was the actor who played Turlough in the TV incarnation of Doctor Who. Turlough, was to the best of my knowledge a ground [...]
237 The Helliax Rift 5th Doctor Main Range Release
The first stand out thing for me with this release is that it stars Blake Harrison, and for those of us that are from the UK, we would best know him as the [...]
5th Doctor Kingdom of Lies Doctor Main Range Release 234
5th Doctor opens the batting for the first release of the year 2018, for Big Finish’s Main Range. The story takes us into what I would call [...]
7.11 The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius
A rather ingenious and massively entertaining release from the Short Trips series, in this release we have the wonderful and much underused Matthew [...]