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The Avengers: The Comic Book Strip Adaptations Volume 3: Steed & Tara King
Big Finish are flying the flag of this rather special spy, fantasy adventure series that most of the 40 something now recall as part of their childhood not [...]
The Avengers – Too Many Targets
4.5 / 5 ( 2 votes ) Too Many Targets was a book, this release is based on said book, written by Dave Rodgers and John Peel (the late and some think great [...]
The Avengers – The Lost Episodes Volume 7
Ok folks we are into the last release of this stunningly good, ridiculously evocative of the time and period they are set, its the last release from this [...]
The Avengers – The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 2
2.1 Playtime is Over by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky The second volume kicks off with a story I find hard to believe was in a children’s comic book, [...]
The Avengers – The Lost Episodes Volume 6
6.1 The Frighteners by Berkeley Mather, adapted by Rae Leaver Well not a lost episode as such, as before I listened I watched this, albeit a grainy black [...]
The Avengers – The Comic Strip Adaptations Volume 1
Return to the Castle De’Ath- by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris We kick off this newest of Big Finish Avengers serials with a rip roaring, boy own [...]
Avengers Lost Episodes Volume 5
5.1 Nightmare by Dan Starkey, from a storyline by Terence Feely Welcome back to the lost stories of the Avengers. I do miss them. We kick off with [...]
The Avengers The Lost Episode Volume 4
1. Kill the King By James Mitchell, adapted by John Dorney The Playboy King from a far eastern country lands in the UK, a already foiled plot of [...]
The Avengers The Lost Episodes Volume 3
          3.1 – The Springers Box set three kicks off with it swathed in nostalgia of the highest level. We find Steed and [...]
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Avengers The Lost Episodes Volume 2
 2.1 – Ashes of Roses Season 2, boxed set 2, kicks off what for me has fast become a firm favourite from Big Finish. I love the actors playing the [...]