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6th Dr Adventure Breaking Bubbles Monthly Series (188a)
Holograms, Prisoners, and a hedge maze all feature in this first offering of the 6th Dr’s latest adventures. Enjoyable story although I could not [...]
6th Dr Adventure Of Chaos Time The Monthly Series (188b)
Chaos – utilities out of time flashbacks to construct a complex drama. Again, cast give an effortless performance. The story itself is solid Dr Who [...]
6th Dr Adventure The Curious Incident of the Doctor in the Night-Time Monthly Series (188d)
This story is delightful, it uses the way in which an autistic person would view and interpret the world. Then the writer as placed this in the setting of [...]
The Maltese Penguin
This is a sort of Dr Who take on the American detective story, with Frobisher taking on the mantle of the P.I. with the Dr, dropping in and out of the [...]