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4th Dr Adventure Series 3 Episode 5 The Last Of The Colophon
Others who have listened to this have posted their reviews on the website. Click here to read more. To purchase this title click on the [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 3 Episode 5 Last of the Colophon
  My review with others can be read on the timescales site. Click here to read mine and others. If you wish to purchase this title you can by clicking [...]
4th Dr Adventure Season 3 Episode 5 Destroy The Infinite
The production of this audio is stunning, I have been listening to a lot of Big Finish over the last couple of months and this is by the far, the strongest [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 3 Episode 4 The Evil One
This is a difficult one to review, and is possibly the poorest written of the series. The premises is summed up in a few sentences. The Master creates mind [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 3 Episode 2 The White Ghosts
This adventure sees the Dr and Leela, arrive at a darken planet. Due to a missile being fired at the Tardis. They arrive and start to explore, armed with [...]
4th Dr Adventure Series 3 Episode 1 King of Sontar
A planet on Dowcra base held by Humans, lead by the scientist Rosato is attacked because of it’s strategic position. The leader of the Sontaran [...]