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Sherlock Holmes: The Master of Blackstone Grange
I was rather harsh and perhaps a little critical of the Christmas release of the other half of this full release in the Sherlock Holmes, Big Finish range. [...]
Sherlock Holmes The Adventure of the Fleet Street Transparency
Oh dear this is a classic case of someone rushing something to the market, which in this case was in my honest opinion a rather the worst thing to do. [...]
5. Sacrifice of Sherlock Holmes
Part 1: The Prophet in the Rain The initial episode of this four part drama, starts with Sherlock and Watson encountering The Society, the organisation who [...]
All Consuming Fire – Dr Who Novel Adaptation
To start with I have not read the book that this is based upon. I have read somewhere how the author did not immediately relish the idea of taking his [...]
The World Of Big Finish
The Graceless – David Llewellyn We join our intrepid pair who realise that they need to get to the Archive in order to about a prophecy about their [...]
The Judgement of Sherlock Holmes
First off this is a 4 part 1 hour quartet of drama, based around the idea of what Sherlock Holmes got up to between the unexpected fall down the Swiss [...]