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Dr Who Special Releases Boxed Sets
5th Doctor Box Set¬† Psychodrome¬†by Jonathan Morris Psychodrama has the immediate feel of a early 1990’s episode Morris lays on thick dollops of [...]
6th Dr Adventure Return of the Krotons Subscriber Special Release
This was surprising, it didn’t feel like a freebie, and it certainly ticks all the normal boxes that Big Finish so expertly manage to deliver in all [...]
5th Dr Adventure Cuddlesome Main Release 106a
This release was free with a download code issued within the Dr Who magazine in 2013. I managed to obtain a copy of this from a forum website, and, here is [...]
5th Dr & 7th Dr Adventure Veiled Leopard – Additional Release for DWMagazine
Ok we have to get one thing absolutely clear, this release was a freebie, and for that I am not going to be too harsh on the offering that Big Finish have [...]
7th Dr Adventure Her Final Flight Main Release (Bonus) 64a
The ever popular easter egg, or Dr Who special appears as a freebie if you bought the 3hr epic closure of the Divergence Universe. Or you can purchase this [...]
8th Dr Adventure Living Legend (Free Release) Additional with Zagreus
This is a 15 minute bit of fun. Starring the 8th Dr and Charlie, it tells the tale of some less than intelligent aliens who land in Italy, on the night [...]
5th Dr Adventure No Place Like Home Supplementary Release
Right this is free supplementary issued Dr Who adventure with the 5th Dr and Erimem. It is a light hearted 30 minute play, that is enjoyable enough and [...]